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How does the process work?
We will meet with you in person at your home or business. This initial meeting will determine if you would be interested in working with us. We will get to know each other and this gives us an outline as how to proceed, such as your goals and your likes/dislikes.
Can traditional and contemporary styles be mixed together?
Absolutely! It's all in the details: the choice of colours, shapes, sizes, themes, etc. and how they are combined to reflect your personal taste can make all the difference. Mixing styles creates visual interest and allows for more room for creativity. Contemporary styles can often be austere, so having a few traditional pieces (ie. family heirlooms, etc.) can warm up the room's feel.
I just bought new hardwood flooring. How can I prevent my area rugs from staining my new hardwood floors?
Wood flooring needs to breathe, otherwise it will fade over time. Placing a good quality rubber under pad will prevent staining from occurring.
Which comes first: choosing furniture or a colour palette?
There is no hard set rule in terms of choosing colours or furniture; furniture and colour selection may be done in either order. If you choose your colour palette first, I will help you choose furniture that will match your chosen colour palette. There are many more possible colour swatches than there appear in furniture. If you choose your furniture first, then I can easily work backwards to choose a matching colour scheme.
Should I paint the rooms before the furniture is delivered?
Yes, definitely! If you're getting your rooms painted, be sure to clear the rooms of furniture and window treatments in order to avoid your furniture from accidental paint damage and to ease the process for the painter. If not, the painter will charge extra for the extra work and slowed painting process.
Do you do out-of-town appointments?
Yes, we do travel out-of-town. Clients must pre-pay for all travel costs and hotel fees incurred.